Temporary Highlights With Hair Flash Color

by Rochelle

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Since having my little one, leaving the house can be a challenge. I’ve desperately been looking for a new look but haven’t had a minute to myself. With the weather warming up, I thought adding temporary highlights would be a quick way to change up my hair in minutes. Unfortunately, not all temporary color is created equal. Hair chalks don’t last on my hair and most colored hair sprays leave my curls crunchy. Luckily, I’ve discovered Hair Flash Color which has completely changed my opinion on temporary color.

What Is Hair Flash Color?

Hair Flash Color is a 2-in-1 temporary hair color and hair care formula that contains antioxidants, UV protection, hydrating natural ingredients, and natural mineral pigments. It can be used to add temporary highlights, touch up and cover roots, add a new color, and protect and nourish the hair. Plus, it washes out in one shampoo making it perfect for special occasions.

How To Get Temporary Highlights With Hair Flash Color

To get natural looking highlights, choose a shade that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your hair color. For my dark brown hair, the shade Light Brown worked best. Cover shoulders with a towel or cape. Section off the top half of your hair and secure with an elastic or clip. Shake the can well and spray the tips of your ends on the bottom section. Release the elastic or clip from the top half and spray random sections of hair to create natural highlights.

Hair Flash Color Temporary Highlights

My hair before Hair Flash Color

To my surprise, my hair was soft to touch and after letting it dry it didn’t rub off on my clothing. This has been my favorite temporary color to date and my only suggestion to this company is to create a larger sized can for more use.

Hair Flash Color Temporary Highlights

My hair after Hair Flash Color

Watch the Full Tutorial Here:

What are your thoughts on this color? Let me know down below in the comments.

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temporary highlights on curly hair

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